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HEMPER UNBOXING!! – (November 2015)


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The Hemper box is one of the popular monthly smoking accessory boxes on the market! Instead of having to stop by a gas station or head shop, you get a box of goodies delivered discreetly to your doorstep every month!!

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  • I tried to order and I never got the verification email

  • you should lay out all of your glass and show it off

  • was it just me or did that candle have a pretty big flame?

  • to many papers. I'm a flower smoker but I haven't really seen any real impressive boxes

  • is he shaggy?

  • does the hemper box ship just like the box or in a postage bag

  • Can i have bubbler

  • cherry robutussin deliciousness

  • Can we see the lighter collection?

  • Dam that bong is awesome and thanks for making your cough quitter through editing

  • "Your form is terrible" hahaha

  • anybody elses OCD want to reach through the screen and clip that extra long part of his beard?

  • greetings from the other coast. as the only one of my friend group who uses hemp wick, I literally came up with using a candle on my own cuz I'm Jewish and we use mad candles. I had no clue anyone else did that. cheers indeed

  • josh whats the song at 7:51 ive always wondered this?

  • high there is an app where u can meet people near you who want to smoke and chill

  • for a second i though he was about to put that first dab in the hole, im like WHAT ARE YOU DOING JOSH?!?!?! YOU KNOW BETTER! then i realized it was the camera angle lol

  • Just a little positive feedback!… LESS TALK MORE ACTION!

  • I think you mean freezing in washington… there is snow outside that is frozen solid. Thank god I am going to cali for a week

  • is High There like a knockoff Mass Roots

  • have that bubbler in blue and gold instead of blue and red. stay lifted