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HEMPER UNBOXING!! – (December 2015)


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Joelie over at Customgrow420 picked out what was in this month’s box!!

The Hemper box is one of the popular monthly smoking accessory boxes on the market! Instead of having to stop by a gas station or head shop, you get a box of goodies delivered discreetly to your doorstep every month!!

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  • When do they send them?

  • Why don't you like blunts?

  • after (the reason) I meant to say I'm 15 and didn't really know about cannabis until I started watching ur vids but thanks again

  • Hey man you and (custom grow420) are the most awesome usefull stoners there are on YouTube big fan and happy to see how far you've grown on YouTube and just wanted to say thanks because I am a cannabis user but the reason is because I'm 15 and just started smoking a couple years ago you've really helped me experience medical cannabis to the fullest thank you and have a great day.

  • i bought the bares essentials box for 99 cents lol plus s+h and im 16 havent got it yet but it says its comes with king size raw papers and clipper lighter and something else cant wait

  • is that the only way to get the jolie sticker that thing is seeiiik!!!!

  • should have mine Thurs!

  • could you talk about how '' black or / hash oil differ from hash '' ..thanks lol , also so many ppl today dont know the difference lol so yea lol

  • You're such a babe, ugh<33

  • Hell yeah man, I like your channel…Got any tips for a friendly new youtuber?

  • I'm thankful for these amazing Strain Central videos(: merry Christmas Josh!!!

  • Josh do you think you could possibly try a genius pipe and put a review up. thanks for all the great content.

  • Merry Christmas strain central from Australia!:)
    Hope you had a wonderful day and have an even better new year! Thanks for all your information I've really learnt allot from your channel

  • can you do thc syrup

  • Yo Josh can you please do another weed myths video.
    This time about, "Does eating mangoes before you smoke get you noticeable higher"?

  • Can you make a Vid explaining the difference between medical and recreational marijuana

  • Ham

    Hey Josh. Could you do a video on the effects of Tar on lungs? Maybe include some general knowledge too? I understand the basics, but it'd be nice to know more 🙂 (Maybe include tips like hot water removing tar when smoking and etc.) Thanks!

  • I would totally be interested in the smoke buddy you got!

  • Box seems like a load of bullshit. Except for the grav labs piece.

  • Looking for a 18 mm ash catcher for $50 any ideas