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Use code “FLOODS” for 25% Everything – ( – 100% PROFITS DONATED TO RED CROSS! – I please ask that you share if you can!

SourceVapes contacted me about helping them spread the word on their campaign in which they’ll donate 100% of profits until Labor Day to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Thank you VERY much Source for doing this!!

*I will also not be monetizing this video with ads.

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
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  • dope

  • Fan from Louisiana, this was pretty awesome of you josh, much love

  • I live real close to New Orleans (louisana) and this is a really good thing that they are doing. I wasn't affected but many of my friends family were.

  • can any state order one???

  • you and the jenver crew should come and give out free weed and dabs

  • remember hurricane ike? neither does America

  • Thank you Josh for all the wonderful things you do!! You are such a great person and i can only hope to meet you in person to give you more thanks! Cheers! :)

  • this is like the tenth time my family in louisiana has had to evacuate, fucking sucks

  • forgot my audio was turned off for the first 5 seconds…good thing i got the intro memorized! hahaha didnt miss a word

  • yep my city got hit pretty hard up here in the north WISH EVERYONE LUCK!!!

  • thank you thank you thank you man I am a fellow weedTuber from Louisiana and grateful for your video I haven't been able to upload any videos because of floods and am glad to see someone out there showing us some love

  • how much do u get outa it?

  • i always follow you and respect you…….but fuke you this time :(

  • I was apart of the flood, my car and some other things got damaged

  • ?????

  • couldnt share on anything asides for snapchat ? because my family hates cannabis and dont understand or know anything about it?

  • Just for a reference Josh nobody was screaming help Galveston county when hurricane Ike took everything away from me

  • I have definite thoughts on people who choose to live in places that are prone to natural disasters. However, I must keep them to myself, otherwise, I would leave myself open for a lot of hate in the comment section. So I'll shut up before I'm told to. Peace Love and Positivity.

  • Come visit Louisiana!!

  • Thank you Josh I'm from lafeyette and my home was fortunately fine but my sisters home was destroyed thank you source vape for helping us❤️ stay high