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Heady Glass Smoke Shop

Take a tour of one of the best spots in Colorado to get glass! With on-site glass blowing and a wide collection of famous glass art, Heady Glass is the spot to get your high grade collector glass.


  • blah blah blah marijuana and wax= drugs and its for junkies u can call it medical blah blah all your lifes but this shit =drugs

  • Their oil looks like shit

  • Fuck glass shops, put me in touch with the artists bitch ass middle men

  • I wanna smoke that shit too 

  • alot off ignorance come from fox news XP

  • My apologies, let me elaborate. You're saying you have a case of cancer linked to a patient who smokes, but who only smokes marijuana?

  • You can't blame cancer on one single thing, but like I said before, smoking anything can cause cancer whether it's weed, tobacco, or anything else. It isn't caused directly by any specific substance but by the build up of tar and nasty carcinogens in the lungs caused by smoke. Granted some substances have more carcinogens than others. Tobacco has more than weed. But hey if you don't want to believe, that's fine. You should have the right to put whatever you want in your body.

  • So, you're saying you have a case of cancer linked directly to the sole smoking of marijuana?

  • smoking causes tar to build up in your lungs which inherently causes lung cancer. And I never said vaping causes cancer. Vaping is perfectly healthy.

  • smoking anything can cause cancer

  • also where is all the glass? Fuck there is a foot between each tube!! These guys got a shit shop. Headie's in Montana/Billings fucking spanks these guys asses for sure!! They got a damn blowing station set up and everyone is smoking!! Get to work!! Get some damn glass on the shelves. stop smoking so much so you can drop the prices on your glass. damn !! WTF

  • Fuck ya !!!

  • buy three get one free no no no by two get one free every ware else ripp off w..

  • @apaolucci0522 like it the guy looks like a bum

  • some blue orchid in the beginning..very good

  • nice background music

  • Stop hitting the damn counter shit

  • shit heady is a glass shop? i thought they sould car speakers and stuff like that, i need to start reading signs

  • killer shop

  • @1xPurple looks like u need a life.