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Heady Glass New Products Showcase – I had a chance to spend an evening with Chris and the rest of the Heady Glass crew over this past epic 420 weekend. While I was there we shared dabs and stories, and he showed me a few new products that Heady Glass has rolled out recently. Hope you dig watching this video as much as I dug creating it. Peace – Gil

ps. The un-named oil swing now has a name! It is called a “Glory Hole”. Check out the Heady Glass website for more info!

More Song Info Coming Soon!


  • where can i get the first rig showcased…i love the proportions

  • I just want to point out Steve Hops invented the inline so if your gonna give credit give it where it's due


  • 2:20 Lol Look at the face of the guy on the left. I think we all understand what he's feeling.

  • too high when they thought of this one…

  • song please? and that atom peice is dope

  • why dont people put more water in? I took a point dab from a toro double macro and my lungs hurt for a while..

  • how is getting a nail that hot gonna vaporize the extracts, those temps will take it straight to full combustion in milliseconds.

  • way to lay that milk DOWN GIL!

  • Chris is the man and The Glory Hole is the shit!

  • Vaporize ! ! !

  • wow this is a really lame version of a kettlecurve/droptop basically

  • saw this comment after i x out their site -_-

  • I want an atom in my collection badly

  • Sov built this design, you fuck tard

  • Such a good idea for the nail. One problem with my nail and dome is the lack of airflow. This would drastically reduce any drag, causing more smoke to make it quicker to your lungs.

  • That nail swing is wack but that atom looks awesome

  • The Atom is fucking adorable

  • after watching this vid its time to git high 

  • @Bret1Maverick where do I get one of those skinny neck di