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“Headband” – (Strain Review)


Headband is a cross between [Sour Diesel x (OG Kush x Master Kush)] that provides you with a heavy cerebral Indica dominant hybrid high. Great motivational, mood boosting strain!

Perfect for those suffering from Migraines, Headaches, Pain, PTSD, Depression, and Stress. Overall I give Headband a [5.8/7]

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  • Hey, where do you get that lighting string?

  • Whats your favorite sativa strain?

  • this strain gives me headaches ironically lol

  • gas

  • I've dreamt about this strain! for years now, Josh I've been a big fan of custom grow420 for a long time. I still love Jolie, but lately I have subbed to your channel and something about the way you talk gives me a almost a hypnotic smoking experience while I chief to your vids. plus we share a pretty good name Josh. I have a damaged brain nerve and optic nerve damage that causes extreme headaches and seizures. See, i was electrocuted at work 5 years ago, and after going through every seizure medicine, my fiance finally told me to get a bag and see if it helps! the reefer has been a myrical regimine in my life! from up to 100 seizures daily to a few a month!! unfortunately I live in a prohibited state. So it's not always easy to get the good good! awesome show keep up the good work brother! cheers

  • That shit made me start thinking about all my problems

  • I tried head band and yes I must say three thumbs up!

  • looks just like the Headband i got this summer

  • I had some 3 nights ago and omfg. so good

  • I agree wholeheartedly with what you said about "no ceiling" no matter how much you smoke you always get higher with headband

  • I'm proud to say I've officially tried this strain ?

  • definitely a great strain

  • i just smoked two bowls of headband and it's fire. but for some reason it didn't hit for almost 20 minutes

  • hey get a review for thc bomb?

  • one of my favorite strains. but I love diesels, cheese, and chem dawg. but this video made me subscribe. cheers from Colorado

  • Good bud for tension, anxiety, headache and appetite
    Interested in headband?
    call/text 408 Six Zero One 0552
    for more info

  • Josh, you should show money shots of the center of broken nugs. Love your videos, keep em' coming.

  • off subject but what camera are you using to post?

  • Bro my budy grabbed this without knowing the strain, i was headbanding sooo hard we smoke 8 bowls and 2 joints haha

  • take a hit of that headband and calm the fuck down dude lol..