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HCMA Privada Reserva Tested Medical Marijuana – Join Tang and I as we check out an OG strain from the valley. This beautiful strain has been tested by SC Labs at almost 20% THC! Please thumbs up and favorite this video if you dig our Strain Showcases!

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Artist: Ed King
Song: Rollin’


  • Actually it's Justin

  • Oh, Tangs real name is Tony eh? 0:58

  • HAHAh holding a perc that far sideways is like trying to paint a wall with half your paintbrush. You will get the job done but wy the fuck not use your tool the right way…LOL speak to anyone who acually uses boro on the daily and they will agree. HOLD YOUR PERCS LEVEL OR DONT INVEST IN THE GLASS DAM!!!!!!!

  • @Nysmokes2012 STFU AND GTFO! Fagget Nobody Gives A Fuk On How They Told There Tools Stupid Shit

  • Would you guys do a videos with chubbs? Cuz I know him and tang go way back

  • Oh God, such sugar!
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  • That shirt!! Fear and Loathing in the Mushroom Kingdom

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  • Ways that shit 46.17 % thc lol fucking frauds what exactly is wrong with u 2 clowns that u need medical marijuana ? Nothing ur just exploiting the system weed maps is a joke they get payed to have negative feedback removed and sclabs is a joke they get payed to rate strains higher than they actually are

  • i can review a strain with way less talking=]

  • Reserva Privada*

  • @nugporn what happened to the videos every other one is marked privet. what is it me that's the issue or is it a setting by mistake that keeps me from enjoying your videos. live love respect always!

  • @futharkrunes420 no. and most certainly not in michigan haha.

  • I believe this OG Kush is from Reserva Privada and it's a chem 91 s1.

  • @futharkrunes420 your friends bullshitting you. I'm sure he didn't send out some home grown to be tested. Its not worth the expense's, unless he's dealing it.

  • What is the maker of that giant ass bong on the right?

  • @Nysmokes2012 Ownership!!!

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  • my friend said he smoked some bud that was 36% THC, is this even possible yet? it was homegrown medical, but im in michigan???

  • @Nysmokes2012 You are a idiot if you're calling these guys amateurs.