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“Haze Vaporizer” – (Product Review)



So today I had the honor to review an awesome new dual chambered vape called “The Haze Vaporizer” – This unit is capable of vaporizing herb, concentrates (oils & waxes), and e-liquid all in one!! You can vape your herb & smoke your e-liquid with the same unit!! They also include rechargeable batteries! Overall I give the Haze a [6.6/7]


  • bud density and grind will affect the flash-point.

  • Can the batteries be charged by USB on the charger?

  • Link to product DOES NOT work anymore…

  • your vidoe scared me I'm sitting alone in my house it's dark and I'm smoking then I just hear honking from a car

  • This thing is fire! Bought it on your recommendation! The herb cans are tremendous! Buy extras when you purchase unit if you're a Bud smoker! This thing is solid! 10 year manufacturer back warranty the best I've seen!

  • Haha heeeeey i saw You in a video with Joli 🙂 keep up th good work!!

  • hops contain high alpha humulene and beta caryophyllene along with thyme and lavender has linalool as you know

  • You must be an INFP

  • How hot is the vapor compared to other popular portables (like Solo or Crafty)?

  • faded

  • your beard looks cool bro cheers


  • E cigs are awesome :p 

  • great review! might have to get it. really wondering whats the name of the background tunes?

  • What's up Josh? I finally just smoked for my first time and now I understand exactly why you love it so much! I used some of the tricks that I've seen from your channel to use!

  • I know you probably hear it a lot more than you like but, what's the name of the song in the background? It would be cool if you put the name of songs in the description of each video, you could tell us in the video too. You always have dope music playing. Just a suggestion, cheers!

  • Ady

    Vaping on my wolf hand held, only busted it out for this vid, cheers bro

  • The question I have is, if it wasn't given to you. Would you spend the $250 for the unit? Looks like it produces close to the IMAG at $69? Thanks for the review.

  • Always happy to see you in my sub box great video

  • vape some little rose buds homie 😛 delicious!