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Thought i’d do a quick recap session before I headed out from Hawaii!! It was an INCREDIBLE trip! 😛

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  • Make this video:

    -Most potent bud experience
    -Best Smelling bud experience
    -Best tasting bud experience
    -Most visually appealing bud experience
    -Most expensive bud pickup
    -Cheapest bud pickup
    -Best general smoking experience

    Discuss these topics whilst smoking a 2 gram flower/kief joint followed by a one pound dab.

    Thank you

  • How does transporting all his cannabis stuff work though the airport? I assume he doesnt bring actual weed but even his vapes and pipes and stuff have canabis resin on them, its still kinda moving weed though the airport

  • Keep clicking 1:56

  • our bud is the shit doe

  • lol glad he dosent think that we are rude

  • make a vape video!!!!!!!

  • can u make a video on how to smoke dabs on a rda

  • I live here in kaneohe! Lmk wen u come back we can smoke!! N i can show u around oahu

  • Glad you found my home state fun. Its a very nice place if the trade winds blow but when it doesn't it gets very sticky i mean miserable sticky. Its really great for growing your own pakalolo the soil is awesome. And the people are really nice compared to the mainland.

  • That camera though!!!! Bro this video was definitely one of my favorites even though it was so short! Take care:)

  • Wow, you were within a mile of my house…. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • get a life maggot

  • Anyone else think it was a green screen at first

  • Damn can I come too next time?! I'd totally pay for my own shit obviously; I just legit have no one to travel with. ?

  • I was high when I started to watch this video thought it was a green screen

  • I was high when I started to watch this video thought it was a green screen

  • My name will be josh? What!? What if his name actually ISNT josh and he's just covering it up? Will be? Nonono my name IS Josh.

  • Sending good vibes from one of your Maui viewers <3

  • move to Hawaii

  • Honolulu Hawaii??