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HAPPY 7/10!!!!


Happy 7/10 all! I hope you are all enjoying the day & staying nice and medicated!!
If you don’t have access to concentrates, i’ll make sure to take a dab for ya! ;P

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  • Cheers from San Diego! Smoking on some Jupiter OG?

  • I'm smoking on mexican schwag weed right now 🙁 better than nothing, but dro is so much better

  • St louis and i dont really no what im smoking its high quality and it makes ya chill its like a sativa hybrid

  • I'm in North Carolina tokin on some Blue dream! Cheers!

  • I live in West Virginia and I'm dabbing on some nice shatter from Cali! 

  • Smoking outta michigan yoo

  • i'm in Pennsylvania smoking on some shitty street weed

  • Miramichi NB Canada, dabbin on some white widow x Hashplant shatter 

  • John stop doing so much oil!! Hit the flower man

  • ooo josh has a new toy! I've never hit a nectar collectar either. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it after heavy use. Think I could twist your arm into doing an all around review of it? Cheers Josh!!

  • Colorado!! We got a few in the quiver but have been burning Blue Goo shatter mainly. Cheers and peace bro!

  • Oregon and Pineapple Express 

  • new camera? new camera settings? new lights? whatever it is, it looks bomb dude. And the nectar collecter looks bomb as well. Hope you had a super stony 7/10!!!!!

  • It's the day after 7/10 in Phoenix, Arizona but like yesterday I'm still dabbing some rosin I made from some dank flower called "The One".

  • Moxie lemon cookies live resin

  • From Argentina smoking some O.G. Kush

  • Michigan…dabbing on some garlic cookies

  • Happy Late 7/10. That thing is nice can't wait for the review of it.

  • dope piece bro…I'm here in Washington state smoking on some white widow or ima bout to, just picked up today and yah im super stoked cuz I've never tried white widow but yah peace and cheers man! +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) 

  • Hey, Josh. Great videos, man. Keep up the good work. Also, I love the music in them! ??