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Hannibal Buress Reads Weedmaps Reviews

Actor, comedian, and cannabis enthusiast Hannibal Buress stopped by the Weedmaps Oasis to read some reviews from our app. And this is what ensued.


  • lol!!!

  • Funny ass nigga I think he smoked too much blm🔥💨💨💨👊🏿

  • Who is this some washed up baseball player?

  • lmao moooonrocckkkss!

  • Big HB fan, and guess what…. He doesn't even smoke weed !!! That's right folks ! Not only does weedmaps suck at editing and always deletes my legitimate reviews but they got a guy that just LOOKS high all the time smh… I'd gladly take his place though I bet you it'd be funny as hell lol… should have had a joint burning at least lmao

  • I dig Hannibal

  • unfunny and boring…lol … whoever is responsible for weed maps content now or recently needs to quit their fucking job …your videos and content suck really bad lately ! just saying

  • how have you never heard of couch lock?..

  • Heavy Handed with the editing i see

  • Straight up knew it was goin to be lit when i saw Hannibal

  • Is it me or is hannibal wearing contacts he eyes look hazel or green or some shit maybe just the light reflecting off his face

  • I feel bored

  • C'mon this dude isn't funny at all

  • this is gold