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Hangin’ with Henry Hemp


  • 0:49 lolol everyone hates henry hemp

  • Henry Hemp is the Hemp Super Hero a great and humble person.A family guy too.Raspect Henry!

  • he really sucks

  • its a damn shame our govermen hates on the greatest phenotype of people out there, the smokers of coarse. do you think things will ever change??? thumbs up if you say yes………….

  • WTB Tang

  • hey its 420

  • Thumbs up if you looked at the bong and not the girl

  • every thing that henry hemp said is soo true; hemp/cannabis is going to save the world !!

  • its way true, hes just a little too cartoonie lol

  • henry hemps a fag. only an idiot wld take him seriously.

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  • Nice interview. HenryHemp is such a great voice for cannabis users. I love his attitude and friendliness. Great stuff!

  • afghan dro?

  • pink floyd song at the end lol….just perfect….

  • im subbed 2 a ton of youtube channels regarded marijuana but i have 2 say you are definitely one of my top faves i love 2 see a nugporn vid in my inbox every video is very entertaining very well edited and jst all around fun to watch keep up the good work gil

  • I like him, you guys are mean stoneys.

  • Sick artwork behind him.