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Decided to revisit a dab challenge, and try the half gram dab!!! I don’t think I said it on camera – I was smoking on some Catalyst shatter from Canapa! I want all of you to try this as well, if you can!!! Cheers everyone~


  • you dont even kill the bongs

  • sweeeeet

  • ohio here it would be great to do a dab with u but that shit is so hard to find around here and when u do they want a arm and a leg to get it i cant wait for it to pass for medical use i would much rather use hurb to treat my back pain than pain pills

  • Corn Dogs!!!

  • Like a champ

  • Hell yeah like a champ! I wanna dab like that but I just got my new zong so Imma be smokin a lot of flower. Cheers josh love your shit!

  • damn!

  • Woah! Bruv I swear in the beginning I said how the fuck did he make that shit float in the air then I realized your friend was holding it. I was about to freak!!!!!

  • That looked like it tasted  good :3

  • Killer upload brother. Can't wait till you attempt the gram dab again. Peace & Love

  • Dam looks like a fat hit.
    Never smoked dabs.
    Check out my channel if you like growing!

  • Hahaha nice man

  • ahhhhhhhhhh yeahhh

  • Fucking well done brother! Do more vids like this bro 😛 and good luck with your next challenge a full gram :P

  • Holy Shiiz Josh! That was amazing! Much Love, Stay Lifted and Smoke Freely – Stoner Budiez OUT!

  • Cheers ?

  • Cheers

  • Wow! Nice dude! Hey check this out, my Human Hookah act