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So today I decided to try a big ol’ bong rip! I’m starting off with the half gram.. I’ll eventually work my way up to the full gram and maybe bigger! 🙂 I do have to say.. I think the half gram flower rip was tougher than the half gram dab!! Enjoy!


  • Psh.

  • great music choice

  • that bowl looks dangerously people hair, might get high and end up blazin my hair

  • Is the liquid water

  • So when can I move in?

  • DAMN! That was milky as hell 🙂 Saw you at hempfest, was gonna say hi, chickened out. Don't know why. Maybe next year :)

  • Sick vid and sick wu tang beat

  • I guess you could call that a half gram rip

  • GranmaDabs here! Your attitude is awesome! Be happy to have you as my son! CHEERS :-)

  • oh yeah,almost forgot….cheers!

  • Nice rip. Have fun up in Canada bro. So,here's a question Josh: Name the last ten strains you've smoked (Not everyone can recall something like this from memory half the time!) Here is my last ten strains I have tried:

    2 Quantum 
    4.O G Kush
    6.Master Kush
    7.Hash Plant
    8. Pink Kush
    9 Sour Diesel
    10.Blue Dream
    I would have to say my favorite two out of all of these would be Hash Plant and Master Kush. Hash Plant makes it so I can sleep at night and Master Kush makes me want to get up and be productive . Blue Dream does also,but being that Blue Dream has a cross of Hash Plant in it,I felt i would be redundant to smoke Blue Dream at night since Hash Plant alone for me keeps me in bed when I really need to rest and not wake up 12 times a night.

  • cool bro 

  • Damn that would kill my lungs. Does the perc help cool the smoke a lot?

  • congratulations on 666 subs man

  • milky!! nice vid

  • Nice vid bro 

  • looks yummy
    i like your rolling tray
    wow now thats a fogger way to go man

  • Too bad you couldn't take some disguised medibles with you!
    Say high to Marijuana Man when you're up there!