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Growing Community – Episode 2: Wait Till Then

Steve joins the online growing community. His wife, Linda, remains indifferent.

“Waiting Room” from the EP Just Say Yes

Written by Suzie Zeldin and Jesse Gabriel, Performed by The Narrative

Dabs provided by AUTODABBER

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  • Great fun. Thanks for posting.

  • smoke weed everyday

  • How about using the money to make these lame ass cartoons and use that money for the weed maps app. That shit sucks. Fuck this cartoon too you bastards

  • watch archer much?

  • not funny

  • apparently it would be normal for this guy to be fapping out in the open, but today is different.

  • this was fucking stupid

  • hahaha I love the cartoon . Can't wait to see more episodes . Keep them coming.

  • spacebuckets

  • ahhh the memories… started at a closet, then a tent, now 2 tents, soon an entire room, later a fuckin facility. someday, SOMEDAY FOR SURE. all legal.

  • These cartoons laugh at the cannabis community, not with it. We really don't need old stereotypes reinforced if we want to see legalization happen. How about pointing out the absurdity of a natural herb being illegal to posses or grow instead, that's the real joke.

  • shoulda put adam ill doing a Whaaat when that guy said it lmfao. just that part, woulda been hilarious.

  • nugsy malone ahahaha

  • Plus I'm pretty sure this Show came out last year sometime then they took it off

  • allwrightinthan

  • Wtf is this I love it!

  • Outstanding! You know that, though, and certainly don't need affirmation from me. However, I wanted to convey that this is as good as 'South Park' and thank you for not taking it to Comedy Central or Matt and Trey 'cause this concept can be bigger and more positively influential hitting a world wide audience immediately. Good Karmel(karma) !

  • give me more!! lol