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Grow Troubleshooting: Powdery Mildew

Join Scrap as he shares his knowledge in powdery mildew: where it comes from and how to treat it.


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  • 5 to 6 grow season each season 2 month……….so youve been growing a year… must be some kind of growing guru

  • chlorine dioxide, 2 drops per 500ml will effectively kills all virus, fungus, mildew, molds, bacteria

  • 5 to 6 Grows ? Hahah that like less then 2 years!

  • There are several good ways to control powedery mildew: milk, bicarbonate, garlic, etc. But the cleanest of them all is… 😉

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  • ive learned.. neem helps prevent it in the first place but to stop it advancing I had to use water/milk/garlic/bicarb of soda..

  • For some reason this year, no doubt connected to the weather being dry when expected to be wet and wet when normally dry, we have had loads if powdery mildew breakouts.. Not something ive suffered in ten years out here in the sun.. Tough to beat naturally and chems tend to burn the plants…

  • SO?…you told us nothing…moisture…No shit….Try explaining sulfur a burner…and proper ventilation. Most people "scrub the air" in the room, leaving high humidity…a secondary exhaust must be used to eliminate your mold causing elements..water, transperation, and heat…Its all Based on removing the heat and moving the air in the room…ALSO STERILE clothing. With "SIX" grow seasons this is amature stuff.

  • CHEMTRAILS SPEW MOLDS! this year powder mildew is off the charts

  • please help nugporn lol. i found two leaves today with powder mold on them . my plant is 5 feet tall and i really dont wanna harvest early. what can i do

  • use a uvc light wand to pass over your plants once a week and be done with it..

  • i got very little tried to wipe it off with fingers
    most of it

  • I fought PM a lot. Everyone has that 'one thing' that works for them, but I guess its more aggressive where I'm at, so came up with a combination of things that have worked for me 100% of the time. Neem 1/week in veg and 3 weeks until you harvest in flower + temp/humidity controlled 70-75 during day, 65 at night, 30% humidity or less only) + Silicone nutrient added to all feedings. Immune to PM by the time you take them off the neem. Neem breaks down in 2 weeks and does not affect bud taste.

  • @Panamarico24 If its on the very end tip it's probably nute burn.. if its along the entire edges of leaves; it could need more potassium.

    3 really good plant diagnosis links you may or may not have seen:
    greenmanspage *dot* com/guides/plant_abuse.html
    skunkskool *dot* com/showthread *dot* php/7029-Split-From-The-Complete-Gude-to-Sick-Plants-pH-and-Pest-Troubles
    420magazine *dot* com/forums/problems-pests-disease-control/63557-nutrient-disorder-problem-solver *dot* html

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  • What are the tiny brown spots I often see at the tips of my leaves? how do I control it? Know I am a first time weed grower. With just a couple growing @ a time, with hopes on cutting out the herb man.

  • I have found that if you are in flower and you have a PM issue, pick the affected leaves and double dose your enzme. I like Cannazym, but I have heard great things about hygrozyme. I run my beni's through week 6 and since I have started doing this I rarely see PM. Plus I have serious air movement in my environment, as well as dehumidifier and a sulfur burner that only gets used when the enzyme and bacteria are not enough. I try not to let my room get over 80* or 50%. It gets down to low 60*.