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Grow Tip: Curing is Everything

Jay from the Clinic goes into depth about why the Curing process is so vital to the end result of the entire growing process.


  • I have to correct him on something here. Chlorophyll does not "retract out of the leaves and buds and go back into the stem." It is NOT mobile. That's like saying when you die the cells in your skin retract into your bones. What actually happens is that Chlorophyll breaks down. That's why leaving your plant in darkness for a day or two before harvesting helps. No light means it stops producing extra chlorophyll.

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  • Don't rush it? In comparison to what? 2 weeks vs. 4 weeks or 6 weeks… some reference to a time frame would be nice guys. 🙂 Thanks

  • didnt see in the title anything about telling how to anything, they are making a very important point of what seems to be a lost art, curing is very important!! want to learn how, then look up how to dry and cure!

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  • i like the part about when they told us how to cure

  • Alot of people really don't know good quality medicine from hood weed