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Greenmart Organic Medicine – Premium Green Dispensary Tour – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus.

Greenmart Organic Medicine:
910 West Pacific COAST HWY,
Wilmington San Pedro, CA 90744
(424) 703-3111


  • As a first time Patient, I went there last week it was really cool, security was cool and everyone was very friendly, got free hash and 2 joints as a FTP, music was kinda loud and place was kinda dark inside but it's wasn't a big problem, I will be back.

  • Nice videos guys but the music so dame nice i need to know this guy.

  • That nugg that was dipped in wax and then breaded with kief omfg

  • the beat was cool

  • Do you guys carry AC/DC

  • How far are y'all from LA? 

  • Looks dank

  • Yo Chris hook a brutha up..Damn!! Ay man fuck Cali lol. This shit we smoke up north can't even compare to Cali schwag muchless a fuckin moon-rock. Dammit Man I hate u bastards.

  • Chris looks baked.

  • omg, Moon Rocks <3

  • Why do all cancer patients look like wiggers?


  • Awesome I will be stopped in when I come to Cali check out my love for African cichlid

  • extra kief covered nuggets? You got my support :D

  • turn down music plz

  • NUGS ROLLED IN KIEF???? :O Take my money xD  be right there…

  • i farted.

  • That moonrock looks amazing.

  • looks like a nice place 

  • Don't need a 30 second intro for a 2 minute video.