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Greenhouse Sneak Peek (iPad camera)

Quick look inside a greenhouse just outside of Sacramento while it rains outside. I just shot this a minute ago! Episode coming someday!! – Gil


  • @senteno25 you can find me on Facebook by searching for Gil Nugporn. peace – Gil

  • planted my strawberry cough next to my tomatoes. keeps the beetles at bay and keep me nice and stony while eating my maters

  • Gil, I noticed in one of your vdieos that you have a facebook page. What is the link so that way I can add you as a friend?

  • Gil I heard you talking about your facebook page. What is the link so I can add you as a friend?

  • @juthamas1000 LOL obviously it is

  • look like marihuana !! isnt it?

  • @soulleskill i don't reccomend miracle grow anymore but when i did use it it came out fine as long as you don't kill them and flush well before bloom and before harvest

  • @hillmanrocks two thumbs up from me!

  • Many lovely ladies. Good stuff!

  • Hey can i come over?

  • thought i saw someone blowing smoke out when u gave the thumbs up lol, not bad for an ipad camera, my dad put miracle grow in my plants and killed them lol im over it now, they were just seedlings but mature seedlings, i planted about 8 more seeds in my back yard in some pots, sunny out, shuld be ok.

  • did you take a rip at the end of the vid ahaha

  • thumbs up from me too

  • dude love the greenhouse setup were they from seed or clone?

  • great footage, keep it up Gil!

  • awesome start, keep posting!

  • @MrAab87 why would you hate nuggetry, cpa has some of the best meds

  • outdoor or growhouse?

  • holand o california?

  • @MrAab87 Toke up, brotha!