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Green Team Delivery Service Check out Green Team Delivery Service and what they have to offer Costa Mesa and surrounding cities in Orange County!


  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha stomp919 your comment made my fuckin day

  • For the prices they charge these bitches better suck your dick before you leave.

  • Looks delicious. The flower tops and the tits.

  • Chilled in newport for a month and had weed delivered 2 times… Idk what company it was though

  • much love from amsterdam

  • I live in this area and the delivery scene is usually swag, there are more dispensaries in california than starbucks

  • @jaggedbrain usually 15$/g, 50$ per 8th

  • @jaggedbrain well said

  • im high

  • @bigrasta69 its all bout them Giant burgers dude soo amazing<3

  • How can $20 a gram help people.
    people in cali are changing laws, but still they try and get $20 a gram.
    money grubbing scum, dont care bout people, just seeing a chance to take peoples money.
    like say 2$ for a drink of water.
    most of california's ganja scene is corporate money trying to control natural medicine.

  • @Asfault230 The funny this is, Chubbs has plans to open a website just like weedmaps so there for you are the dumb fuck, dumb fuck.

  • @ReaCTiioNzZzZ ha competitors when it comes to what, youtube views?what would advertising CPA do to effect that? weedmap doesn't have a dispensary if they did im sure they wouldn't be advertising anyone (like the 200 videos they have of dispensaries through out cali)they make a website called, to make it nice and convenient to locate a dispensary near you. CPA is on there, odd if they wont advertise them through here 4 bing a "competitor", why advertise on their site even? dumb fuck

  • @MutantKush Agree

  • @BandittR6 cali pizza sucks! lol.

  • Damn I gotta move out to Cali. I'll take an 1/8th of Jack Herer and a 16 inch pepperoni. lol

  • I wanna smoke those buds.. i do

  • California is the greatest, home to some of the best bud on earth!!

  • they need this in london more like!

  • @aug3600 if you're in Cali you can't really not get your card if you pay for an evaluation…you can say it makes you sleep better and there you go