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Green Mile Collective Girl Scout Cookie Kush and Headband OG Strain Showcase – Join Gil and Tang as they explore and showcase two strains side by side that are both available in Los Angeles, CA. The guys check out the NorCal Strain sensation that is the Girl Scout Cookie Kush as well as Headband OG which is a hybrid comprised of old standard strains. Cheers!


  • I love GSC but it always seem to test low… Even now 18-19% thc is normal for GSC

  • bahahaha! I was just watching this thinking "what the fuck is this schwag these douche nozzles think is so great!?!,,,and then also "why would you ever want to live somewhere other than the Mile High City if you partake!,,,and then I looked at the date of the video and felt dumb as shit!,,,,,,,,,,,,and Finally I felt sorry for em, (theyre claiming that Headband OG is 18%THC! ,,,,,just the other day I walked into a dispensary down the street from my estate,,and legally purchased some recreational herb for my pet whombat called HeadBand OG,,,except the stuff I snagged tested at 24.98% THC,,,,,aahh,,,nothing like sitting on my front pourch sipping Brandy watching some friends of mine pull bong rips just smiling and waving at random cops along the parade route

  • Not the real COOOKIES since you described the taste as an og taste. It dosent look like gsc too. gsc is f1 durban x Flo rida kush only the bay has this strain because its all coming from one guy the pieguy420 

  • Imma be fresh as hell when the feds watching!!

  • @Jacob Harris .. how many ppl have pigs busted with ur fake adds? Fuck u coper..hope u catch cancer of the brain and aids on ur cock.

  • i need og kush fucckk

  • Wtf why do you have glitter on your nails

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  • Feds

  • WTF? What was the headband like?

  • those are not this fingers

  • Fake GSC lol! That's a bay area strain boy. Grown in the Santa Cruz mountains, also 15%? Lmao! Thats not even passable! Should be around 20% EASY! Some up to 23-24.5% lol! If you're getting it it orange county or anywhere in so cal from the shops it's BS and you're Gunna get raped for it anyway lmao $60 for an 1/8 for some fake GSC ctfu!

  • i love to smoke nail glitter lol

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  • my headband OG is tested at 28% THC

  • Not real gsc

  • its not their hands..its a different person

  • What's up with the glitter (RUGAY)

  • They should make a girl scout cookie kush cereal.