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Green Love Santa Ana Respect OG 31.2% Total Active Cannabinoids – News Sept 07 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Green Love
1638 17th St. Suite A, Santa Ana 92705
Mon- Sat 11am – 9pm Sun 12pm 6 pm

Gil finds a new respect for the next milestone on WeedMaps TV for the highest tested THC strain by SC Labs- the Respect OG from Green Love in Santa Ana.


  • That bud was straight lubre fire omgosh damm it look like cheese out the oven when he broke the nug I believe it was about 30 % thc my respect to that grower .

  • does any one know what happend to wax on wax in santa ana on grand st ??? i picked up 40 of nug and god dam that shit was FUCKEN OG WEED I MEAN DANK ASF NATURAL LOOKING WEED I EVER SMOKED !!!! FUCK NICE STACK NUGS !!!

  • i dont think thiers that much thc in that nug could be like 28 29 percent . i get sky high bud and EDC BUDD

  • i wonder how good the hash would come out with that high of percentages

  • It's reallly cool to be able to watch Duff Goldman from 'Ace of Cakes' get stoned.

  • Song name is "Fast Lane" by Friends of the Friendness

  • them close ups thooo

  • have they even done a review of an over 30% flower this was like a year ago

  • 420th like!!!

  • We had higher testing from the same lab at capitola healing 31% girl scout cookie 29% chem scout fiiiiiiyyyyyyaaaaaa

  • i Jizzed in my pants at 1:53

  • almost no one has had weed that good!

  • Respect og though fo sho:)

  • Are all these marijuana offers the police? That shit seems to god damn easy. For real!

  • im gonna shoot myself if i dont get some bud tomrrow

  • 714 <3

  • 1:55 UNF

  • Song!!!

  • Beautiful nugs.