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[] – You can use the code “love400” to get yourself 5% off! 😛

I got another awesome Green Bake Box to do an unboxing on! Green Bake box is part of the growing monthly subscription box trend! Instead of going to a headshop to buy your things, they are simply sent to your door every month!!! This months box includes an awesome pipe, a stash jar, all kinds of papers, some stickers, and all kinds of other goodies!!

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  • ya that's all I eat out of the trail mix ahaha!

  • take a dab every time this dude says "cheers"

  • Pause at 5:55

    Thank me later.

    Awesome video though Josh!

  • You're so cute omg

  • I loved this! I've had a horrible day fighting with my depression and your videos really helping me through the night man. keep on keepin on

  • where did u get that shirt I love it

  • its funny how you couldnt think of the other word you say alot and then you say cheers twice lol

  • Hey josh how baked where you when you started filming this video?!??? much love haha

  • Can you do a video with all of your paraphernalia together?
    Pieces, papers, trinkets etc.

    I think it would be rad to see all of the stuff together.

  • I like it when you're stony as hell to be honest

  • A video "ranking'' all the boxes you're subscribed to would be great. Just for those of us who aren't subscribed to any boxes yet and are overwhelmed by the amount of options.

  • I love the unboxings ❤️

  • do you prefer weed, or dabs?

  • WTF DUDE!!!!!!! that dabber you got costed me 25$ at the dispensary

  • your videos are dope af bro. I love the culture !

  • The color of his lips would make the nicest lipstick shade lol

  • bro your shirt is fucking rad!!

  • josh looks like faze banks with a beard

  • I'm at school watching this xD

  • Where the hell is that series where u smoke out of weird stuff like fruit I loved that and there's only one ep