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[] – You can use the code “love400” to get yourself 5% off! 😛

I got another Green Bake Box to do an unboxing on! Green Bake box is part of the growing monthly subscription box trend! Instead of going to a headshop to buy your things, they are simply sent to your door every month!!!

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • am i the only one who thinks green bake box is kinfa going down hill with their products like 5 months ago it looked alot nicer and had alot more stuff now theyre just kinda slacking

  • Only thing good was those cow tales candys

  • I never like the hydra stones. I've enjoyed the lime peels. didn't think it was "sketchy" I've never left it longer than a night

  • I never like the hydra stones. I've enjoyed the lime peels. didn't think it was "sketchy" I've never left it longer than a night

  • an electronic lighter is a lighter where u make the spark to start the famle with a lil electric device. a normal lighter makes a spark with scratching the flint on a roller thingy :p

  • Dude your so positive I can't be positive without weed tbh weed makes me happy

  • cow tails are the shit its like Carmel taffy

  • 70 degrees feels good tf cx

  • 5:49 had me laughing so hard for some reason, I just kept rexinding it over and over lol

  • Box

    The electronic bit on that lighter is the source of ignition, it's a little electric spark making thingy (be damned if I know the official name of it) and once your lighter has ran out you can remove the bit you press down to spark the flame and give people very mild electric shocks from it by touching it against their skin when you press down on the button. Had loads of fun doing that when I was a kid

  • Worst box out there

  • What neckclippa song is at the start of the video

  • Carmel? no! CA-RA-MEL

  • Now, cow tail = awesome! It is very firm and I doubt it would give you an issue. At least chew it up and taste it, then just spit it out lol.

  • Really don't get the whole hemp paper deal. It's still paper being burned. Just zero chemicals from treatment?

  • cowtails are really good Josh. CHEERS stay medicated stay cool lol and most of all stay yourself enjoy your vids from Indiana

  • Hey, Josh! It's called an electronic lighter because it has a piezo electric igniter which uses two wires to make a spark!

  • cow tails are amazing you should try one on the next video, you'll love it

  • 70 degrees wtf that cold ? here in phoenix its 114

  • Please tell me you love the Orange Zig Zags. I love those little shits!