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[] – You can use the code “love400” to get yourself 5% off! 😛

I got another awesome Green Bake Box to do an unboxing on! Green Bake box is part of the growing monthly subscription box trend! Instead of going to a headshop to buy your things, they are simply sent to your door every month!!! This months box includes an awesome pipe, a stash jar, all kinds of papers, some stickers, and all kinds of other goodies!!

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • awe man i wish you used the glass

  • duuuuude you should use the glass you get in the box

  • i have the same french lighter 🙂 but that tool is a pipe tool known to pipe tobacco users thanks for the positivity cheers from Canada & I'm a 14 year old patient;)

  • Yellloooww

  • The little metal thing is a pipe cleaner to get resin out and shit from yo pipe

  • Lmao we can tell when your high-ER atleast Lmao those sqeentty eyes don't lie ??

  • New Subscriber!

  • Is it just me or when he gets the glass the vid glitches back to the papers part

  • Your first piece was the piece my buddy bought me recently to replace the one he broke!! I loved it, sad I broke it months later lol

  • element rolled pre tips lol

  • Does he have dietary restrictions?

  • What's your personal favorite out of all of your monthly subscription boxes?

  • Worst box ever! I asked them to cancel my subscription. For 3 months i fought with them to refund me and to cancel. They waited until the 3rd month to say to go on my account to cancel. By that time I had moved and they refuse to resend me a box to the new address or refund me. Shitty customer service! There are defiantly better boxes than this bland crap!

  • Wherr do you get all your weed ? ?

  • i think you meant compass lol not protractor…

  • What's your all time favourite subscription box? Watched all your vids but have no idea what to chose. Herb only smoker (no dabs or shatter)

  • josh making some good content "if i do say so myself" haha cheers josh

  • djeep lighters have adjustable flames, awesome lighter

  • i loved your words at the end, it fit my situation and i believe it was not a coincidence that i watched this video right now. thank u for the positive words of wisdom. stay medicated

  • It's a combo tool, they're used for pipes, they pack, scoop, and a little poker