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Green BakeBox Unboxing!! (July 2015)


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Today, i’m doing a review on the “Green BakeBox” , a monthly subscription box full of smoking accessories for us stoners!! ­čśŤ This month’s box was full of all kind of goodies, from phunky feel tips, to raw hempwick!


  • That lighter would be perfect for doing bowls on acid.´╗┐

  • Sounds like your sipping from a straw in an empty cup´╗┐

  • what is that pipe called? the one he used through the video?I love it and want to order it(:´╗┐

  • those are zig zag paper blunts lol´╗┐

  • Your vids are cool´╗┐

  • What up Ron Wesley´╗┐

  • you should smoke the new peaces´╗┐

  • Why can't he eat fat?´╗┐

  • Anyone know if they ship to Texas?´╗┐

  • Have you tried the Graze box? They're freaking delish and you don't feel guilty for eating the whole box when you're stoned.´╗┐

  • did anyone see the glob of oil fall in when he first hit it?´╗┐

  • We're you at hemp fest 2014 per chance? I just stumbled across your videos and could swear I had seen you before. At first I thought it was through secret sesh or treehouse ( smoking events / bar in LA), but I actually worked a booth at hemp fest. I bailed out last minute this year.

    I worked a titanium booth next to dr dabber and mini nail. :)´╗┐

  • omg dude that dabber is insain´╗┐

  • I like ur little dance lol´╗┐

  • is it just me or does he look like shaggy from scooby do´╗┐

  • "a literal light-er" its already literal´╗┐

  • hello everyone, so i have a question.. i live in a country were weed is illegal, Portugal wich is in europe. so my question is, can i subscribe to this box? if anyone that lives in europe or┬á something could answer that would be nice. thx.´╗┐

  • Raw hemp wick sucks balls.´╗┐

  • No need for drops , red eyes´╗┐

  • That rig sounds like you're getting the last sips of a milkshake.´╗┐