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[] – You can use the code “love400” to get yourself 5% off! 😛

I got another awesome Green Bake Box to do an unboxing on! Green Bake box is part of the growing monthly subscription box trend! Instead of going to a headshop to buy your things, they are simply sent to your door every month!!! This months box includes an awesome pipe, a stash jar, all kinds of papers, some stickers, and all kinds of other goodies!!

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
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  • Randys…. The wire is to hold the joint.

  • I suggest that in order to give the best review, you should read the insert so you are not surprised by what you find. The papers were roach clips. You burn the joint and bend the wire to use as a holder. I enjoy the videos but think they should be more thorough for more benefit.

  • Randy's roots is one of my favorite papers. super easy to roll thanks to the wire, as the joint burns, the wire stays for you to hold as it gets low. the wire can be wadded up and used as a bong screen

  • i guess the steel strings in the papers are for the ashes, so that you dont have to put the ashes off all the time u know?

  • cool video

  • what's the difference between dab and cannabis?

  • How much does this box cost

  • that one hitter doesn't have a carb, its to push the hit out once finished smoking your snapper lol

  • For a roach clip bro

  • So I cant find it anywhere online.. does anyone know when and where the CannabisCup is going to be in Michigan this year? Clio again?

  • I have a question… I love smoking but whenever i smoke 3+ days in a row I get severe bronchitis and have trouble sleeping due to the coughing, i never cough smoking weed but the next day or later that night I get horrible bronchitis… am i the only one? what should i do

  • wow, they really do have a box for everything :D

  • Cant wait till weeds is legal here in Canada. (if that can ever happen)

  • the wire is so u can hold it as you smoke

  • the wire in the papers is to hold as you smoke so you don't need clips. Something like that was also around in the 80's.

  • The wire in the paper is for when you get down to the roach. You can hold the wire instead of holding it by the mouth piece

  • Hey man that wire in that paper is a roach clip when u smoke it down u grab the wire and fold it back for.a roach clip

  • RSK

  • Man! youre growing fast!! Getting thousands of new subscribers by the day! Great Job with vids!! ??

  • The wire is a built in roach clip