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Green BakeBox Unboxing!! (August 2015)


[] – You can use the code “love400” to get yourself 5% off! 😛

I got another wonderful Green Bake Box to do an unboxing on! Green Bake box is part of this growing monthly subscription box trend! Instead of going to a headshop to buy your things, they are simply sent to your door every month!!! This month’s had glass pipe screens, “Formula 420” cleaner, a handheld torch, and many other rad smoking accessories!!

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  • how have you never heard of Jokers? weird

  • BRO, i want that grinder!

  • I like when I watch your older vids (even just a couple months) and I see how many stickers you've gotten

  • Had that lil wiz laugh lol

  • @StrainCentral Josh those are definitely glass screens for glass bowls, they have different types aswell they have Flower shaped (not sure of the name) spiked ones that have a spike in the middle aswell to seperate the weed in the middle for a better burn, and the Best ones apparently almost look like a button for a dress shirt their called Honey Comb screens

  • Got me some jack wax too. shits delicious

  • Once you pointed out your hands move when you talk I cant stop looking at them haha.

  • Lol SNL reference hilarious!

  • Press 1

  • I used to think pipe cleaners were used to clean actual pipes… Like pipes used for the pluming in your house ?

  • why would anybody dislike this?

  • Where do you get most of your glass??? I'm tryna get a bong for pretty cheap. You know where I can get one???

  • That whole vibes thing isn't stoner nonsense at all, they're just onto something.
    Psychology knows that positive emotions foster more positive emotions. A loving, supportive environment is literally one of the most essential things to a child's well being and development (I'm taking developmental psychology); positive emotions / "vibes" in the environment towards the child are extremely important. It can help mitigate the effect of low socioeconomic status on development.

    More broadly, apparently emotional affect is "contagious," or rather influences the emotional experience of other people. It likely also influences others like a social cue; positive emotions, in broaden and build theory, are thought to be a psychological signal that we are safe and should explore opportunities. So, positive affect in others likely spreads because it's like a social cue that people are safe here and now, and perhaps we should feel safe (positive) too. (Also took positive psychology and taking social psychology.) Oh, and in broaden and build theory positive emotions as a signal of safety also foster creative expression; so if positive emotions are "socially contagious," then your positive affect/expression also likely helps foster others' creativity as a consequence of them "contagiously" catching your positive affect vibes, lol.

    Emotions as contagious:

    Also, and this one's cooler; scientists performed a study on the structure of water crystals, "By producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words and music and literally presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to “change its expression”." –
    Obvious related fun fact: humans have a lot of water in them. The water crystals may respond like this inside us, too.

    Evidence supports the idea that your good vibes likely help us :)

  • do you get this for free

  • In Colorado gas stations are starting to have pipes that aren't labeled for tobacco. Nice to see more acceptance

  • my mind was just blown by the pipe cleaner part

  • Yo Josh, that's the cleaner I use, it works really well and leaves a good smell

  • I love that grinder…

  • Your actually a Gun keep up the good work #4:20

  • Why have I only just found your channel? You're awesome :)