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Grav Labs Mini Bubbler (Glass Review)

Online Headshop Dankstop – []


I got this piece from the Online Headshop Dankstop! Very excited to do a review on this “Grav Labs Hammer Mini Bubbler” – As someone who isn’t a huge fan of hand pipes, I was a bit skeptical of this at first, but after trying it I realized, this thing may actually rip better than some bongs i’ve hit!! 😛 Very portable & Very quality!!

Overall I give it a [5.5/7]

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  • why do you rate out of 7, maybe cause i am high but that is really annoying me

  • It's so crazy looking back on videos you made only a year ago and seeing how far you've come man. Also the intro on this video is the fastest I have ever seen haha

  • huff and puff from South Africa bro. Like your channel very much. send me some give away PLZ ;)

  • Just ordered it through your link.. Thanks ! :)

  • But mine is a lil different it has a bowl like from a bong

  • I got one

  • love this mini bubbler, I'm looking for it, still haven't found the clipper grinder yet.

  • Any one else gonna buy one?

  • new sub this is the first vid I've seen so far I'm sure I'm going to love your channel awesome video I'm sold. ?

  • Arizer air and one of those hammers is some fire

  • the water keeps getting in my mouth if i barely put some water in it

  • mine survived a 5 ft fall

  • fetus josh

  • cute braces homie

  • throw back

  • you uploaded this video on my birthday lol.

  • is that the 25 mil or the 32 mill billowby has them now but very few left u have grate vid chanel meng

  • I've had this piece and it doesn't even compare to the purr 2 go! Just my personal opinion though

  • Smoked thru my GRAV Labs Mini Bubbler for the first time yesterday. Extremely harsh on the throat. Was surprised at that. I've smoked thru a wooded hash pipe for years and never get throat irritation. Wonder if I'm doing something wrong…

  • how do you put the water in it