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“Grapefruit Diesel” (Concentrate Review)


So last night I recorded a concentrate review for a little slab of this Grapefruit Diesel shatter! I recorded this episode both extremely tired and extremely medicated! Haha This strain is a great one for those that are suffering from Depression. It is a very heady, uplifting Hybrid that will not so much directly take away your pain but it will take your mind away from your pain! The smell and taste are a bit grapefruit-y but more on the orange peels citrusy side. Overall I give this concentrate a [6/7]


  • hahaha one eye blinking after the other, We've all been there

  • Super baked in this one bro, haha nice!

  • Lol the torch was slightly lit when you put it back behind the tv on your last dab

  • hey, Josh, have you ever had regular Grapefruit? I have a opportunity to get some shatter tomorrow for 40 a g. Wondered how the effects were.

  • That 2pac sample in the back tho :)

  • Grapefruits usually taste like orange peels.

  • What is your peice called? And where did you get it?


  • nice channel man 

  • hey try heating ur nail from the bottom because heat rises 

  • Just a little channel tip, You should try to wash the piece every vid. Just get 99% iso and you can reuse it for a good 6 months just pour it back into the bottle 

  • cheers!