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“Grape Ape” (Strain Review)


Grape Ape is a heavy Indica that provides a very calming and mellow high. It is a cross between an Afghani Indica mother plant and Skunk #1. The taste is very hashy with subtle hints of a sweet grape. This would be a great strain for those suffering from stress, insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, migraines, and nausea. Overall I give this strain a [5.9/7] Not a personal favorite, but a solid strain nonetheless.

Picked up this batch from Center St. Collective in Tacoma, Wa


  • 1:11 dem triches tho

  • youre keeping up with cg420 man doing well for yourself keep it up fam!

  • for me grape ape was decently mellow and i got real hungry for funions when i smoked it

  • Smoking with a lighter on some Grape Ape definitely brings out the grape flavor. You need to do a review on Herijuana

  • what are the beats?

  • You look like you can be a rapper

  • You should try fruity pebbles, firewalker, and private reserve those are my favorites

  • what's the instrumental? that shits fire !

  • First strain I ever smoked.

  • this is an old video haha

  • Do you not use grinders regularly?

  • This super dobe bud is good for insomnia, nerves problems and pain.
    Interested in grape Ape ?? Call/text 408 Six Zero One 0552
    for more info.

  • i have asthma and i smoked some tobacco ( i know is shit) and in my head i thought i could not breath but i could in reality idk if i should try weed i do not want to hit it and die lmao anyone advice?

  • its strange to me, most nugs look almost exactly the same, save the fact small differences

  • Greetings My Brother , Thanks for Your reviews, I Am a seed breeder, and Your reviews help. I find that I can taste the herb better in a small spliff or joint than a big bong. Your bong seems to be to large to prevent chronic coughing and snottin, and slobbin, and stuff. Try a joint herb review sometimes, thanks, respect

  • 1500 subs when u made this vid… u got 58,000! Congrats! Keep showing love to the cannabis community.

  • This is a really quality video, keep it up man!

  • What the Hell is wrong with these subtitles haha

  • Good for insomnia, nerve problem and pain.
    Interested in grape Ape?
    Call/text: Four Zero Eight Nine One Five Zero One Five One
    Or email alexwayne922 at gmail dot com

  • Watched your videos forever but I just saw you live in the same town as me!!