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“Gorilla Glue #4” – (Strain Review)


Gorilla Glue is a cross between ([Chem’s Sister x Chocolate Diesel] x Sour Dubb) that provides you with a very creative, euphoric, racy Sativa dominant high that transitions into a heavy body stone towards the end of the high.

Great for Stress, minor pain, depression, and appetite stimulation. Overall I give this strain a solid [6/7]

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  • I hate when people explain a high. It's different for everyone. I get the sativa "high" and the indica "low". But I get a general calm when I smoke either and I don't get racy or creative. Where do people come up with these descriptions?

  • B.C. is still the best !!!! qtr fills a freezer bag FUCK THAT BY FROM VENDER SHIT . VENDERS CHARGE TOO MUCH . FOR mediocre quality when brittish Colombia throws shit away venders in cali and Oregon pick that shit up .. BC BUDZ HYDROPONICS  /NLIGHTS STRAN

  • His name would be josh… IF HE WASN'T A REPTILIAN!!??!??!?!!!?!! :-)

  • Ever done a White Widow review it's my fave <3

  • Potent shit.

  • Doesn't matter what weed it is after 30 minutes I'm completely sober again. Nothing lasts longer than 30 minutes for me because my metabolism is so fast.

  • I get that sometimes, When i smoke i get like paranoya and can't breath but sometimes that does not happen. Is it because some things do diffrent things?

  • sorry josh guess you got a fake batch of gg4 because in no way should it smell like og or gas gorrila glue 4 is such a unique smelling strain

  • one of may favorite strains love how its smells like one thing and then u smoke it and it tastes completely different

  • you do a great job man! peace out.

  • Gorilla glue is beyond amazing peace

  • So easy a Caveman can do it..

  • Hey man you should try making videos with guests/new locations! Great review BTW!

  • so whats your name dude?

  • do u have a p.o. box or a mailing address.

  • Hey man I just wanna say I really love watching ur vids man and it's been great to see ur channel grow I've been watching since 1000 so I have been here for a while

    Hey quick question where do u work/what do u do

  • I've been wondering on this for a long while, if a specific kind of strain is turned into hash, will that hash then carry the same properties and effects that it's nonhashified cannabis would?

  • Can some1 please explain me the risk of exposing urself to the public when the cops can just watch ur vid, track u down, find your paraphernalia and ur 'stash' and arrest you?

  • where did u get ur phD?

  • Yet you retained logic and was still making sense, a lot. Respect.