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GoldCaps SoftGels by TetraLabs Take a close look at GOLDCaps SoftGels by Tetra Labs!


  • Lmfao!!!!!! One of the homies "connects" tried to tell him that this was the "new wax/oil" and tried get him to dab this shit lmao!!!! Fucking ignorant

  • You think they dont know what they're doing? they precisely made the chemical structure to brake down in the digestive system. its made to be a pill.

  • sick little guy

  • This stuff is just kept in a geletin pill for convenience! They could put it into other containers , but this way you can poke a hole in it and put drops in your mouth or on a bowl! Not really meant to take as a pill, but if you have a hi tolerance it can be done that way.

  • oh you guys don't know jack. This product is perfect for people who don't just sit around the house and watch T.V. . I travel the world and I love this product.. I am a heavy smoker and when at home but I travel to other countries often. I am going to the Bahamas in a couple of days and this is perfect to bring. I cannot take my medical flowers with me. I just pop this into the bottle of fish oil capsule container and I am through security without a hitch. It is potent enough to keep me happy.

  • @fedupwthursht420 LOLUMAD?

  • @fedupwthursht420 Exactly!!!!!!

  • fuckin retards thats why medical pot was made so we dont have to pop pills you guys are making a bad name for medical pot fuck you Tang and fuck you fat boy gil! and fuck weed maps!

  • haha yeah remove my comment 🙂 its ok, you are washed out anyways and i know you're going to read this so peace n' pot and stay lifted yellow fang tang 🙂

  • @kaligula785

    yellow teeth is what you get for smoking or drinking soda

  • stop using this shitty violin music in these videos, or turn down the music volume

  • jeesus tang brush ur teeth bro lol

  • I would have to try them

  • @XxC1R3xX

    You're an idiot, the FDA tried to pass pills filled with synthetic THC but they didn't work. These are pills containing all of the cannabinoids, not just THC. This is NOT what the government wants, I can promise you that. So how about instead of trying to make this company look bad, you just keep your mouth shut if ya don't know what you're talking about.

  • @twitch6000 yeah.. but they already have edibles and this thing called drops of heaven that i usually get, that do the job perfectly and 25 mg??? do i need to take the whole bottle to get the same affect as a bong hit?

  • what the fuck is wrong with a thc pill? sounds like the greatest fucking thing ever, u can pop these whenever u fucking want to

  • @XxC1R3xX did you even watch the video….

  • agree i wouldn't want the pill. still might be good for people with breathing complications like asthma.

  • dont let the pharmaceutical companies get their dirty hands on this..

  • @M3Sixty agreed