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GoldCaps SoftGels by TetraLabs Showcase Take a close look at GOLDCaps SoftGels by Tetra Labs!


  • i see the comments… but.. i see another link right now , thats squeezing the softgel onto weed ? to smoke it ? i think ? i know you can smoke pure gold , just prolly not that gel thing its in ..
    right ?

  • They add an extra ingredient to the PureGold. Whats in the GoldCaps Softgels is not exactly the same as the PureGold(sold for smoking)…

  • It's not. The grape seed oil is an edible plant oil that acts as a solvent for the cannabinoids to dissolve into. You can't get very high off of cannabinoids until they've first been decarboxylated, usually into some sort of lipid that is then consumed. If you tried smoking the grapeseed oil, you'd get a whole bunch of smoke from the combusting fats and vapour which would probably scald the shit out of your lungs, along with tasting terrible.

  • You're all doing it wrong!! These are for the Keester method only!! You have to be hardcore for a product like this.

  • you can smoke the plant right? you can eat the plant right? people want to save money right? I would not try it unless I find out every ingredient first, and if its food product of course i wont smoke it but what if it was exactly the same as pure gold?

  • Is there any way I can buy them online?

  • They have a version you can smoke called PureGOld

  • not if you know someone who you can buy them off 😉

  • no offense

    but if someone is stupid enough to try and smoke the edible gold cap they don't deserve access to medical marijuana, or probably a drivers liscense for that matter

  • Tetra labs makes gold CAP pills for discrete usage. They also make something called pure gold which is also in a pill form but you squeeze out the gold to smoke. Two different products

  • Seeing all tetralabs products on Youtube, here in Canada is simply painful due to their unattainable nature.

  • canyou smoke gold caps safelywithout dying?

  • So u cant dab these?

  • should be lol 🙂 think about it right, how do they detect drugs at the airports usually, drug dogs or random searches, the dogs are trained to pick up the scent of the cannabis flower, these arent flower, so there for do not give off any smell 🙂 but if you get searched your fucked unless you swollow it haha

  • your just high.

  • can i buy that painting

  • can someone tell me the song name?

  • ahaha thats the sickest picture

  • I like "Nugporn", but i just can't shake the feeling that these guys are Big Corporation sell-outs. There, now i've said it. Medicine is good. Marijuana is GREAT. Big Corporation (no matter what you make) BAD! In 10 years they will try to take all marijuana away and only have "man-made" medicine, and these two are the stewards of that trip. Or maybe i'm just high.