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“Glue Tech” – (Strain Review)


Glue Tech is a cross between (Gorilla Glue x Alien Technology) that I believe we can attribute to OBSoul33t/Franchise Genetics. It will provide you with a somewhat functional Indica high, that would be great for pain relief, stress, anxiety, and cramping.

Overall I give this strain a incredibly solid [6.5/7]

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  • What the hell happened to your camera

  • In love with your bubbler!! What is it?

  • is it wierd when u look at the bud and your just like" oh yeah id break that down so hardd"

  • Good smoke for Destiny PS4

  • Sadly in Brazil we have no option to know what kind of weed we buy, it mostly come from Paraguayan smugglers as a brick shaped weed . Makes me sad since we have such a potential to grow high quality weed.

  • Very earthy and dirty ? every time

  • gd. bogus af. 60 an eighth in a legal state wtf

  • hey josh can you do a video explaining the difference between thc and cbd and which is better

  • Gorilla Glue is usually Sativa, isnt it? I may be wrong, but thats always what its labeled as here in California.

  • If anyone wanna toke and play Xbox hmu -CrackaPlaya

  • you realy know your shit… great video, nice closeups…Subscribed!

  • At 7:20 did any1 else get those bars on the screen

  • Josh, your videos are really cool and I enjoy them, but I have a question. What is the best strain for a 2-3 time smoking?

  • review ghost train haze buds

  • Did anyone else see those glitches across the screen, or am I just high as fuck?

  • What song plays when he's showing us his weed up close

  • I like your shirt.

  • i dont like strains reviews cause i live in Chile where marihuana its ilegal and i only can consume shitty weed
    sad life, i know

  • Hey josh where can I get one of those bubblers?