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Glass Showcase – Elite Ball-rig Elite Exosphere Mothership Glass

Gil is blown away by two beautiful Mothership rigs Adeel from Cali Kush Farms brings over to showcase. Known for creating impressive artisan rigs, Mothership has accumulated a loyal following in the dab community.

The first rig Adeel introduces to the showcase is a Ball Rig. The glass is a beautiful Jake C. Ball Rig adorned with an Atomic “M” insignia blasted on its side. This rig is made up of four color pulls of black, white, purple rain and the rare pink slyme. The beauty about this rig is how the joint is pulled out entirely from one piece, clearly demonstrating master craftsmanship.

To “test” out this functional glass, Gil takes a smooth dab making sure to use a flavor saver cap, or carb cap, Mothership’s OFZ, or optimal flavor zone. These caps are sought after for their ability to reheat themselves.

Last but not least, Adeel brings out the “Peacock” Exosphere that was featured on Viceland on their 420 special. It is clear by the intricate details on this heady piece of glass that is is indeed of the Mothership line. Along with the masterly woven blue colors you can find beautiful XL buckets. These XL swings retain an impressive amount of heat and does not require much heating time.

Adeel then hands Gil a dab of Emperor Dragonfruit to rip from this stunning exosphere to demonstrate it’s functionality. After taking a smooth hit, Gil can’t help but be memorized by the craftsmanship of this piece. Functional as it is beautiful, the Mothership Exosphere is the headiest piece of glass this showcase has seen yet.


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