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GLASS COLLECTION!! (November 2015)


Thought i’d do a quick walkthrough of my current glass collection while I still can’t smoke (due to a sinus infection). I’ve had several requests to film a glass collection video, as well as a full lighter collection video.. so I thought i’d get two birds stoned at once!! 😛

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  • let's call it the 5 shooter downstem

  • This is set up so nice! The assorted lighters are so aesthetically pleasing..

  • Such an awesome collection, I have a pipe 7 Years old :)

  • man, your collection is a dream and a half! i seriously can't stress that enough 🙂 been a follower for quite a while now and im digging the strain reviews so keep it up!

    ps. crucify me with your mind if you will, but due to my financial situation I am using a powerade bottle, hose and copper cp as a makedo piece…. yeah ?
    Keep it classier than me man

  • let me have one of those thick ass glass on bottom shelf blue ??

  • I was high af watching this and those mirrors had me thinkin ur collection went back into narnia holy shit!!!

  • That down stem looks like a mini gun

  • This nigga never got bic'ed in his life

  • Hi Josh, What an awesome glass collection. I have really been enjoying watching your videos. Just wanted to let you know I started a Glass Buy, Sell, Trade group on FB. If you have a facebook & you are interested here is the name & link:
    Beautiful Kind Glass ~ Pipes, Bubblers, Bongs/ Buy, Sell, Trade
    Thanks & Blessings,
    GitanaLotus aka Yemaya

  • dude why do the states not have clipper lighters??? we use this in the eu all the time, its the ultimate stoner lighter , fuck bic thats for kids ;)

  • That looks beautiful

  • your name would be josh if what? lol

  • Hell yeah I collect my lighters too xD

  • wow that lighter collection is unbelievable

  • can i borrow a lighter

  • awesome!

  • I have a sinus infection … Watching your vid got me sick ?

  • Starting a bic collection

  • Where do you keep your weed/wax