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Cleaned up all the glass I own today, to do a full collection smoke through!! Think i’ll have to do a new collection gauntlet every 6 months or so! A bit more of a laid back session, but I hope you guys enjoy!!!!

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  • This is sorta an old video so no hard feelings if no one responds, but i noticed that you were using a carb cap on an e-nail, and i thought the point of a carb cap was to redistribute heat, but with an e-nail that's being constantly heated it seems redundant. I could be wrong, but can somebody explain this reasoning?

  • call that spiral pipe; the wonkey frog ?

  • Cheers bro, I am so high right now, your channel is really cool dude!!!!! High and young always brotha'!!!!!

  • my pieces are a lot more colorful

  • What do you think would he easier to clean and more durable between the Grav Labs bubbler and the Wizard Puff Travel bubbler?
    I'm looking for something that hits really well and is kind of discreet. Your advice would be deeply appreciated.

  • Your close to Everett wa I assume.. I'm in Lynwood. Match a dab sometime!!

  • Pulled it together at the end for a smile. What a classy guy. :)

  • You were saying about getting hi . you won't get hi with cbd

  • that tag blue bong is real nice

  • can u ink us to some of the pieces, like daniel co or whatever, where do we find him

  • Weed Gods? We call them the Ganja Gods!

  • Where can I get that black market piece at the end? I've been looking for it but I can't find it.

  • josh lied about the cam probs at the end to smoke more XD jkjk

  • Name it the curly fry

  • Hey Josh, loved the video man! I just want to know how do you keep your glass so clean?

  • 15:03 I'd call it, The Frog Roller XD

  • lmao 16:17

  • what games does he play??

  • you Damn near smoked yourself retarded lmao where'd you get that electric dab thing? wtf is it called so I can get my hands on one mane

  • What's a strain you would make if you could