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Glass Blowing with D-Wreck – Halloween Special – How to blow a Face Marble – News Oct 31, 2012 – Happy Halloween everyone! As a special treat to you, we had our friend and amazing glass artist D-Wreck give you an exclusive look into the making of his face marbles and face marbles dishes.

Special Thanks To:
D-Wreck for making this video possible!
WeedMaps for making this video possible!
Rainer for his Music skills!
Kasey LeStrange for her Makeup skills!
Ed Silla for his production skills!


  • fuck you

  • wats with the isis on ur shirt?  =/

  • he is the coolest stoner ever

  • Awesome job on the video !

  • LOL!

  • Hey thanks man!

  • I think this video would've been better without the generic rock muzak. makes me feel like I'm watching some throwaway MTV reality show

  • Wtfck what ever happend to dwreck did he die

  • you took the word right outta my mouth 😀
    ive been checking out his artwork recently and its stunning. the way he sandblasts in the sharp triangular pattern just adds such a nice touch to all the pieces, also the satanic art is awesome.

  • who noticed the isis shirt ? xD


  • That reminded me of Home Alone… the guys have these life-threatening injuries & they're just like, "wowie that was rough!" I thought I was going to watch a demo, haha.

  • pretty good effects too!

  • fucken hilarious !

  • d wreck looks exactly like ryan dunn R.I.P.

  • d wreck is one of the best glass blowers out there, i took some time to check out his work on glasspipes dot caum, and wow. he has an extensive collection of pictures and DEAR LAWDY they are exquisite

  • Thought that was Zach Galifinakis at first. =D

  • favorite artist hands down. i want a custom d wreck tube

  • Boom. Face marble. You're one of the coolest people I know Dwreck. Hahaha

    Go buy some damn Dwreck glass people! Can't ya see he puts his sweat and blood into every piece! 😉

  • Y'all ruined it, lol fah tho