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Thank you very much to all of you who entered!! Make sure to check out the entry playlist!!

Congrats to:
staytoasted420710 – (

Stoner Budiez – (

& OGBobby Pa

Stay tuned for more contests everyone!!


  • I'm trying to find a way to giveaway A 2016 HASH BASH POSTER SIGNED BY TOMMY CHONG✌ Check out MM420✌

  • I have the small red and blue pipe my friend gave me when I started smoking 

  • do some cherry bombs there fun as hell bro. you light the bowl and get a ember goin on your bong then once the ember is at full temp, dab a little on top of the ember and there you go cherry bombs! taste so good 

  • love ur videos brotha overall great quality everything ..i havnt been on i should have entered the contest..ive been watching the channel for a min…thumbsup from the eastcoast homie

  • I enjoy your content. Subbed. 

  • New subscriber so i havent seen alot but my favorite of all yout videos has to be your strain reviews and was wondering if you've ever reviewed green crack? Keep up the good work

  • Congrats to the winner!! I'm gonna enter the next contest! luck to all!

  • I feel like my420experance should of got it. But congrats to the people who did!!?

  • Hey man, Broncos fan so you're my enemy already, Jk ha. But jus wanted to let you know you're a pimp and thanks for making me smile every time you smile you funny fuck! Great vibes from you brutha!! Stay up n have a good Tuesday 

  • Yo man I love the content but you should definitely do some more strain reviews they're my favorite stuff but keep it up man!?

  • Wow almost 3k I have been watching since less than a thousand. Keep it up

  • Congratulations to the winners! Good message about the Tube community, thanks for sharing! New sub, cheers bud!

  • Who all won?

  • Congrats to the winners and awesome vid 

  • Congrats to the winners

  • Nice 4 combo tho

  • Congrats 2 all 

  • Congrats to the winners!!! Mad props to stonerbuddiez!!! Way cool give away Josh! Good Tokes!