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Gil’s Indoor/Outdoor Grow Experiment (Forced Flower Day 39) Outdoor Medical Marijuana – This is the first video content I’ve made with the small indoor/outdoor project I’ve undertaken that revolves around a dozen seeds I was lucky enough to find in a really nice non-sweet purple indica type of bud. I have been posting about these plants for a little while now on Facebook, but figured that they are at a point now that they look pretty enough for your viewing pleasure here on the NugPorn channel.

If you have questions about my little grow project, feel free to ask here in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer, but it may take a second (minute, hour, day, etc). If you want to see still photos of these plants, and keep track of my regular updates, add me on Facebook. Search for Gil Nugporn. Thanks for watching! Peace – Gil

Some specifics for those who care…
Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, Fox Farm Grow Big GB, Fox Farm Big Bloom BB, Fox Farm Tiger Bloom TB, H&G Roots Excelurator RE

04/06/12 Seeds germinated in moist paper towels
04/11/12 Seed Sprouted
04/18/12 Transplant to small cocoa pots (RE, GB)
05/07/12 Transplant to larger cocoa pots (RE, GB)
05/14/12 Begin to sex plants (RE, BB, TB)
05/28/12 Five females showing
05/28/12 Transplanted 3 females into 6″ pots, and one lucky lady into a 3 gallon smart pot.
06/04/12 Fed BB/TB/RE
06/11/12 Fed BB/TB
06/18/12 Fed BB/TB
06/21/12 Shot this video in the morning…
Coming soon?!?!?!?! Stay tuned…

Song Information
Artist: El Centro
Song: Intro


  • How do you force flowering outdoors? 

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  • chill, thanks

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  • how long should i leave my seedlings in the dark so i can sex them?

  • Your pot size depends on how big of a plant you want I recommend a 10 gal outdoors and a 5 gal indoors but I'm actually flowering in 5 gals this year outdoor because they flowered on me I guess I put them out too early

  • a

    Do you cut them so they grow a single branch like that? What benefit does this have and where can i find information on this technique? Im guessing it is for a smaller space…that is the situation i will run into. I understand the plant can also focus all its energy on just the top instead of branches..thats good 🙂 Any more info would be great.

  • song?

  • Killer indicas, dope beats too

  • What type of pot should i get from lowes if i'm just trying to grow one plant and i have 5 kush seeds?? Please respond

  • very nice dis is the way to grow.i also grow like this but i top mine to get more then one khola.are those sativas??

  • Those makes me get a rush of happiness. It's like having an orgasm watching this damn video

  • what do you think i can still plant autoflowering seeds?

  • Hey Gil! hows it goin? whos the music artist/song?

  • Good shit bro. I was thinking of doing that myself right now to see what would happen if I tryed to put a couple out for late season.

  • Nice job! Check out my little outdoor garden @ greenthumb341

  • I'm kind of confused about this experiment would you mind clarifying? These plants look really nice I wish I could grow like that, with all that bud crowding the main stalk.

  • They look nice but why are there no branches just a main cola did u trim off or from lack of veg time?

  • good work, love dub music

  • I love this