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Gil’s Indoor/Outdoor Grow Experiement (Day 50 Update) – If you dig my grow videos with a big shovel, hit thumbs up and subscribe! Thanks

This is the second video I’ve made showcasing the small indoor/outdoor project I’ve undertaken that revolves around a dozen seeds I was lucky enough to find in a really nice non-sweet purple indica type of bud. I have been posting about these plants for a little while now on Facebook, but figured that they are at a point now that they look pretty enough for your viewing pleasure here on the NugPorn channel.

If you have questions about my little grow project, feel free to ask here in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer, but it may take a second (minute, hour, day, etc). If you want to see still photos of these plants, and keep track of my regular updates, add me on Facebook. Search for Gil Nugporn. Thanks for watching! Peace – Gil

Some specifics for those who care…
Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, Fox Farm Grow Big GB, Fox Farm Big Bloom BB, Fox Farm Tiger Bloom TB, H&G Roots Excelurator RE

04/06/12 Seeds germinated in moist paper towels
04/11/12 Seed Sprouted
04/18/12 Transplant to small cocoa pots (RE, GB)
05/07/12 Transplant to larger cocoa pots (RE, GB)
05/14/12 Begin to sex plants (RE, BB, TB)
05/28/12 Five females showing
05/28/12 Transplanted 3 females into 6″ pots, and one lucky lady into a 3 gallon smart pot.
06/04/12 Fed BB/TB/RE
06/11/12 Fed BB/TB
06/18/12 Fed BB/TB
06/21/12 Shot first video
06/25/12 Fed BB TB Last feeding for three ladies in 6″ pots.
06/26/12 Begin flush of 6″ potted plants
06/28/12 Last feed of TB to largest lady
07/02/12 Shot Day 50 video
Coming soon?!?!?!?! Stay tuned…

Song Information
Artist: El Centro
Song: Intro (Intro to the Prohibido CD)


  • Who the fuck cares about this´╗┐

  • How did this end up Gil? Tasty?

  • I just ran out of weed :c

  • outdoor always rocks!!! It's the best

  • you are right. but sometimes you need to ask a specific question based on a certain situation or step that is unclear .. like when you are in class and ask a question , you won't leave class to library to research the same question where i can save time and just simply ask someone who knows better. I know that 99% of info is included in the description , but to some of us, we prefer to ask to understand better ..

  • bs

  • For the people who live in Los Angeles looks like there toally banning all med shops!! if you want the link message me i cant put it up on here.


  • Getting frosty and quite mature, the experiment looks like a winner to me. Some years back I knew a guy who had a shed and a trailer of sorts that just fit the shed, he would roll it in and out catching the best day light rays and then supplemented with lighting when in the shed. This way he could have really long days, or just 12 hours long to get two crops each year.


  • sexy bitches man

  • And BTW, wet buds when dried lose 75% of their weight, so you trying to say he would yield 10 oz wet is no different than than saying 2.5 oz's dry(do the simple math)….And outdoor in summer temps tends to be less dense than indoor regardless of strain…He also isn't using any carbs or sugars listed in the description so the buds won't swell as much…

  • No one uses wet weight in the term "yield"…a yield is an end result amount from a crop….and unless you sell, or smoke wet uncured bud then you shouldn't guess yields by "wet weight." I HAVE read his description many times BTW LOL! And maybe he's not new to growing that is undeterminable at this point unless he gives further info, but it's obvious he is new to this method of flowering…

  • His plants ar single cola plants in 6 inch pots….and his plants are finished btw, I can guarantee he didn't yield 10 oz of dry bud off of 5 single cola plants…He could have pulled alot higher yields with bigger pots and plants that were vegged alot longer. Most of the plants here look like half o plants…I'll reiterate my guess and say he'll have at most 3 zips of dried bud.

  • check my grow

  • Awesome that those plants came from bagseeds. The color and resin on them is amazing. I had about a dozen bagseeds from a good sack of Northern California Outdoor, but I had to flush 'em down the toilet with the rest of my stash one day for the obvious reason. Even though Southern California has a very good climate, I'd be too worried about pests and humidity to grow outdoors without some form of greenhouse. It could eat or rot the whole crop. I Hope to see your harvest. Yeeeeeah.

  • yeah that sux, then. indoor still works pretty good, just expensive to get into and stay in. good luck

  • i've a block from lake saint clair and between the heat levels, bugs, all out soil being clay once your more than a foot down. its rough in MY area to do it. gotta be upnorth

  • Why dont people read the video descriptions? I guess I come from a different era where we had to research things before there was the internet, so my instinct tells me to look for the given information before I ask for information that is given…*sigh*

  • Did you use advanced nutrients?