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Gil & Tang Visit The High Hopes Farm

Gil and Tang made their way to Oregon for the 2010 National NORML Conference and Portland Hempstalk. While they were there, they also ended up on a large organic Farm in Southern Oregon called The High Hopes Farm!


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  • If I lived by there Id have to "jump the fence"

  • нихуя себе плантации , а если менты спалят ?

  • Sweet 😉

  • Black belly sheep @133 wow i tought they were only found in Barbados..

  • Wicked Rebel by slightly stoopid 🙂

  • whats the song ? , some people in the comments are just plain idiots.

  • @FuZionClanQs good luck trying to get stoned with premature buds. and besides, you would have to dry and cure them. and even then they would still suck. stealing buds off growing plants is a waste of time,

  • so cool

  • I would steall so much from them

  • @smokestorm88 All these big gardens getting busted. 112, 200+, 200+, 300ish. smokestorm88
    told you it is just a matter of time.

  • @daydgk this guy is kidding?

  • Instant 'like' button press!

  • 200. !! ARE YOU trying to bring the FEDS to all the other Applegators, and Southern Oregon Outdoor Growers. HIGH HOPES TO GET BUSTED.

  • Damn thats a shitload of plants for 70 patients…maybe I'm wrong, but that would be enough bud to smoke for a whole lifetime!

  • Be aware Medford legal growers a man named John Carter AKA JC is coming to work on a farm. He is a drug imformant. He turned in his own brother and he went to prison for 1 year. Pass this info to all

  • @jadeknudson yeah in the vid it says there distributing legally….

  • @jadeknudson thats crazy man, sick that you knew this place,
    but i mean like who is rumored to have taken it down, dea?
    or like something smaller i was wondering. you know anything else?

  • @jadeknudson what happened?