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Gil Dabs with Hendrix at Hempfest 2013

Watch Gil and Jimi Hendrix toke up in Seattle. New Weedventures Premieres Tuesday Oct.8th.


  • Wtf disrespectful to the max

  • Castles in the sand….eventually <3 my jaz 4eva

  • Haha seems ok … but I think Jimi Hendrix would rather want a joint or a bong guitar … but I don't know

  • I'm a Voodoo Child, yes, I'm a Voodoo Child!

  • ok im gonna play the stupid guy here and ask what kind of roaches lol i know i know….

  • i can'tbelievethatbmav!!! I have a collection of vintage fenders and also about 20 to signed guitats from some big acts: rush bruce eagles ozzyy clapton jimmy buffett acdc zep (2zeps!) aerosmith ozzy u2 metallica. all w 2 cert of auth. each. will hopefully start my retirement fun when some of these guys pass away sadly will be worth wayyy more

  • people put hits of acid in the mouth of his statue on Broadway.

  • Hey gil. You remember the guy you met with me at the secret cup party in seattle? Archie. You guys chatted a bit.
    Anyhow archies dad and Jimi Hendrix went to the same highschool. He has a year book with his dad and jimmy on the same page!! His dad is a few rows above jimi!
    his mom also has a guitar that was his dads. It was a guitar his dad gave him back in school. then when archies dad was away in nam, jimi started being famous I guess, and sighned it. then gave it to his sister. archies aunt

  • I think thats just a memorial site,from what ive heard he,s buried somewhere unknown in London to keep people poppin up from arond the GLOBE. Chow for now GUYS.

  • R.I.P JIMI Boy your well loved over here in SCOTLAND you,ll have an Experiance where you are now! JAM ON.

  • I wanna go here

  • Fuck yeah Gil

  • gils the fuckinn mann!

  • Wtf!! Why even post stupid

  • Renton is full of Muslims.

  • Like your ideas man. This will be entertaining to follow. And dome travelers insight! Hats off to you!

  • seen a doco on Hendrix on utube and it showed the place ur at , but they said hendrix is buried else where.?…js

  • It's actually in a suburb of Seattle, Renton. The surrounding area is pretty boring.

  • Yup rep pin the HIGHLands 425 bitches this ain't Seattle

  • if jimi hendrix is not your favorite guitar player,he is your favorite guitar player's favorite guitar player