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Gil and Tang Q&A Where’s Chubbs? – Join Gil and Tang as they answer questions from the WeedMaps community.


  • Yeaaaaaah riiiigggghttttttt something happened. I don't care what anybody says they must have had an argument of some sort. You can just tell.

  • helluh timmid ,seem like he keepin somethin out 

  • If you truly with to satisfy your viewers, PLEASE DO A REVIEW WITH CHUBBS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sooooo…..anything happen?

  • no your address u dumb fuck!do you know how to read?

  • ok just send me ur address

  • Chub died of aids

  • tang chubbed mrs chubbs

  • still waiting

  • Why is everyone mad? Chubbs and Tang used to be the real niggas…shame Chubbs trying to be the Steve Jobs of weed.

  • Lol looks like they need to step there glass game up a bit…

  • Damn if you just mute this video his body language tells it all.

  • @askchubbs hey

  • chubbs should just post his own videos on utube he is most of the show in the first place

  • what even happened to chubbs?

  • faaaaag

  • you cunt…

  • i miss bootcamp so much, ive watched every one

  • @GIMPLING I agree.. I enjoyed watching all the mmj bootcamp with tang and chubbs because they are both real as fuck. Gil is really good and very informative on his meds. But Tang and Chubbs are like cheech and chong!

  • chubbs is the man.