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Gil and Tang Have A Session!

It’s about time they stop and have a session!


  • this makes me sad you guys are so lucky

  • I have said this before; that's a lot of bud man.

  • 2 seconds in and Im already angry at the amount of weed, haha!

  • What is the song playing when they're smoking? Not the Slightly Stoopid one in the beginning and end, the other one.

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  • the enjoyment is in the weed smoke

  • everyone's entitled to their own onion, I find this very entertaining lol

  • They're telling me they have several pounds in front of them, and 3 bong rips is a "sesh" for them? wtf?

  • A whole week's stash for them right there.

  • life isn't fair…

  • Love how Tang tries to act badass when he was taking pussy hits compared to Gil.

  • boss

  • at the end you can really see how medicated they are by how lost for words they are lol

  • what happened to mmjbootcamp and chubbs

  • Hahahah Gil's cooked

  • I'm cool with just having those spare nugs sent my way! Really liked the piece with the green inline perc!

  • This….This is heaven and i wish i could have that v.v

  • Why?

  • I'm jealous af you hoes , oh and tangs face when he blows out the smoke is so gay lol

  • jesus joseph and doggy style mary you guys have more weed in this video than I have smoked in my entire life.