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Thought i’d just sit down and do a mass review of a bunch of strans today in a giant weed haul! I’ll actually be out at the Hempfest this entire weekend, so expect some rad content! 😛

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  • earty musky sorta hazy kinda og like sorta musky little bit of sweetness kinda woody

  • Words, Are, … Hard! lol Laugh of the day bro

  • Sup Daniel Bryan

  • Hey Josh, I love your content! So informative and well done. I was wondering where you get your info on strains? Any websites or articles in specific that you can mostly rely on?

  • Soo glad to be back! Haven't smoked in about 4 months!! Cheers from OKC!!!

  • Am I just really toasted or does the audio not sync with the video???

  • They mix in flavorings with their oil at refine Seattle. That's why they're flavors are so noticeable

  • The white lighter conspiracy?

  • why do you flash your gums off when you talk man

  • I'm a little young but I smoke XD I totally wish I could be there with you guys but I cant

  • Ireally like you and your content josh but christ god i hate the way you say today in the intro haha

  • love the reviews josh ur nose ur really good at smelling weed keep those canabanoids in u cheers :)

  • Just bought this device that you attach to your blunt or joint and it takes the smell of marijuana away as you inhale !!!!

  • Love how you turn down the volume when you cough. Great video man.

  • Where do you come up with these strain histories? some sort of wikipedia lol

  • Love these vids!! Keep them coming bro, toking along side ^^ Thanks for encouraging me to keep my head up during my seizures an hospital battles. Cheers bro

  • and toDAAAAAY

  • Who else's tried whipping leftover off his finger lmao

  • deliciousneth