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GIANT BOX OF BONGS! (feat. SlowerFuture)


SlowerFuture – (

So as soon as we got into Denver, we had the mail man bring us a giant box of bongs! So we thought we’d go ahead and sit down to do a big ol’ unboxing!!

Huge shoutout to SourceVapes and 420Science for making this entire trip possible!!
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  • You have so many glass pieces..
    why don't you do giveaways??? ?????

  • you should create a contest giveaway for your viewers. they would truly enjoy the fact that you thought of them & they would be most greatful

  • this guy looks like you just picked him up walking by on the street collecting cans

  • you should give away sme stuff you guys get like bongs for the less forchenit to not live en the US and live in mexico in a town without a smokeshop

  • this video had such fun energy to it! diggin it

  • Beard Buddy's

  • can i have one of those jars ? pleaaaase

  • dope

  • slower future looks like the goat from zootopia the stank goat hahahah

  • 6:20 That… That is a cute bung

  • Smoking on some Grandaddy Purp. Cheers guys.

  • Omg his laugh is so adorable

  • omg byeeeee that should be the new outro XD

  • Never understood why they call Bubblers, Bubblers. Aren’t they just tinny little water pipes? With that said, most of my smoking is out in nature, and the GRAV Bubbler is my most used device.

    Saw one of those little GRAV beakers once and wanted one, but procrastinated. Now I can’t find one anywhere.

  • poor spoiled boys

  • Slower is that man

  • Love your content but holy fuck you so much free shit, should do give always instead of just storing it away an not getting used ?

  • bongs in australia have 'carbs' we call them shotties xD


    Take a hit every time Josh..
    1. Takes a hit.
    2. Says, "Words are hard."
    3. Says, "If i do say so myself."
    4. Does quotation marks(" ") with his fingers.
    5. Says "kinda" 4 times.
    6. Says "please" 3 times at the end of the episode.

    Good luck!

    -Austin Holcombe 2016

  • Those hands on the newly decaled 420 jars are called Khamsah, they're middle eastern amulets.