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“Ghost OG” – (Strain Review)


Ghost OG is an OG Kush Phenotype that provides you with a very euphoric cerebral high paired with a very calm body stone. It’s one of those strains that has a quite exciting story behind it as well!

Overall I give this strain a solid [6.1/7]

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  • Love your positive messages ?

  • is weed smoke bad for u

  • I have a severe anxiety disorder and weed has rarely ever made me anxious to this day and I'm a bit of an experienced smoker if anything it makes me forget about what I was worried about in the first place, no matter how high I get. and im js this Is very subjective of course this is just my own personal experience.

  • What vaporizer is he using?

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  • "waay to high to exist" haha love it. good review

  • aw I love josh

  • If you scream today in one more of your videos I swear to god

  • Josh, you should do a strain review on Khalifa Kush?

  • eletric himamade grinder

  • #ghost OG!!

  • Berry white next please

  • Try bubblegum,always does the job.

  • Ghost OG is just a sativa leaning phenotype of the original OG Kush that is supposedly just clone only. Just like SFV and Tahoe. Just different phenos of the original. Unlike most OG's out there that are a cross of OG Kush and something else. The Ghost is one of my all time favs.

  • I liked it

  • wait was the guy ghost from wu tang clan?

  • is there somewhere I can find that glass spoon

  • Love your strain reviews. Keep it up.

  • wait so if ghost og is kush and gives you a cerebral high wouldnt that mean it's actually a hybrid