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18+older. We finally bust out the mask for you!!! This one works great for a first time user we still got some nice rips and a dab!!!!!



  • smoking weed from a apple, cheers!

  • exactly 642,00 subs

  • I find it halarious how he says man like a Jamaican man/woman

  • You sound Jamaican asf when you say man and it's funny haha.

  • You should do some blades and video tape it

  • can we get a counter on the side for how many times you say man lol

  • retard

  • Can you do a video of you smoking a 8gram joint or blunt

  • this guy is a retard

  • Fucking hilarious xD

  • so is this his actual job cuz i seen his house and if so i need to get in on this

  • The straps on the side make you like a blue Clifford lol. Thanks for da video will get one.

  • Close your eyes when you take the hit

  • You annoy meh brah lol jk

  • Custom is the shit! Love your videos man!

  • you can make one cheap and easy i got my gask mask for 10 on ebay steam roller on ebay for 5 boom hits the same actually seals alot better and yes the eyes it burns lol but stay in it :)

  • Who else love the way he says man ?❤️?

  • Dope

  • i would smoke you under the table my friend, i challenge you to a dab off

  • The mask would be better if the bong could come away from the mask with a joint peace between the mask and bong